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Classical Period 500 BCE to 500 CE

.... continuous quest for power and prosperity. This paper will discuss and enumerate the societies that flourished during this time period and will explain why this civilization is described as 'classical.' The primary stance of this paper is that the Classical Period of Civilization is characterized and emerged because of men's eternal conquest for power and prosperity. This thesis will be supported by proof of the way classical societies have survived and lived during this time period. The classical societies emerged from continuous warring events, which is followed by a remarkable establishment of political reforms, economic wealth and prosperity, and the emergence of remarkable development and introduction of a new arts and culture. These important elements of the society clearly describe the nature of the societies under the Classical Period of Civilization.
The formation of Classical Societies can be found in the following societies in Europe, Middle East, and Asia: the societies of China, India, Greece, and Rome. These societies are considered important because they have been the primary locations wherein civilization has prospered and society and culture have emerged dominantly and was considerably developed and improved compared to other civilizations and previous human civilizations. The following societies will be…

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