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Kierkegaard s aesthetic view of life

......SK came to his theory by identifying three stages of his own life. The first stage is the aesthetic. A person living in the aesthetic stage, according to SK, lives at the mercy of fate and fortune, external events. In trying to escape from this stage of boredom, one becomes immersed in amusements or work. This fails to solve the problem of truly providing meaning to his life, the result of which is only a deepening sense of emptiness. The aesthete is lost in the present moment, which is constantly slipping away. As a result, the aesthetic needs to constantly search for the next enjoyable experience, the next high, the next moment of release from the doldrums of everyday life. While the aesthete thinks he is living in the present, SK believed that he is actually living only in his memories of enjoyment, which push him into the moment, where he seeks to repeat those memories. These memories, however, cannot be repeated because they are the past. Consequently, the aesthete is in despair whether he knows it or not
Ultimately, the aesthetic stage comes crashing down because of the knowledge of good and evil, and the certainty of death. The…

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