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Legal History

Many people also view the term impeachment and believe it to mean criminal prosecution. This is also false. The trial itself has to do with the senate house and criminal offenses can still be pursued at a later date if a body decided that it warrants the investigation and criminal charges being brought forth. An impeachment is a proceeding in which a legislative branch of the government brings accusations against a civil official. That official can be chiefs of states (such as presidents, cabinet members or judges)[1]. Many people mistakenly believe that the term impeachment applies to the entire proceeding and outcome of the accusations at hand. This is untrue. The term impeachment actually refers only to the indictment of the person in question. One can compare this to a criminal process to understand it more clearly. In a criminal proceeding there are times when it is questionable whether or not the prosecution has enough evidence to charge the defendant with. The indictment in this case is when the prosecution puts the evidence in front of a grand jury. The grand jury then decides if there is enough evidence to have a trial. There does not have to be…

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