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Louise Erdrich The Red Convertible

However all this changes drastically when Henry is called to join the armed forces during the Vietnam War. Before this moment, we are kept in complete dark about the time in which the story took place. It is when the Vietnam War is mentioned that the author tells us that the year was 1970. The two brothers who had developed a beautiful bond are forced to seek separation when the war begins. And this changes almost everything between them. Lyman is more aware of this bond than his brother. He wants to hold on to it for he intuitively knows that war would change things between them. Before he leaves, Henry hands over the car to Lyman and this gesture foreshadows his death. Lyman keeps the car in perfect shape and takes immensely good car of it as if it was Henry himself. This is another point of association between the car and Henry. Lyman loves his brother and therefore the way he takes care of the car symbolizes his love for his older brother. He would have taken equally good care of him had he been with him. When Henry comes back from the war, he has changed…

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