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Magnuson Moss Warranty Act

The Warranty Act also ensures that warranties are true in nature, and do not offer coverage for inapplicable material. For example, a warranty can only cover parts of a product that actually exist on the product

All of the above mentioned provisions of the act may be seen as pros. They on first glance, ensure that a customer is fully aware of the quality of the product they are receiving. Congress certainly succeeded in promoting healthy competition by passing the act. Merchants and sellers can offer consumers better warranties in an effort to entice customers to purchase their brand of X versus another merchants. Consumers are also more likely to seek out extended warranties under the plan, ensuring that their product will last a longer time. Another potential positive of the Magnuson Act; it allows consumers to view warranties before they purchase a product. This undoubtedly has assisted many customers in deciding which product to buy in a world of like products......

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"Magnuson Moss Warranty Act" (2003, March 01) Retrieved July 29, 2014, from

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"Magnuson Moss Warranty Act", 01 March 2003, Accessed.29 July. 2014,

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