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Outline on depression

A. How common is Depression?
1. Adults
2. Teens
3. Children
4. Postpartum Depression
5. Older Persons
6. Seasonal Depression
B. What is the typical profile of a Depressed Person?
1. Their ability to function normally in daily life
2. Their ability to hide symptoms
3. Little clues often missed, even by loved ones
4. How to spot a depressed person
5. The picture of depression painted in The Rocking Horse Winner, Paul: A Case in Temperament, and A Child By Tiger
C. Why is a depression diagnosis often missed?
1. Other stresses often blamed for feelings of depression
a. Family problems
b. Money Problems
c. Health Problems
d. Work Problems
2. Depression carries a stigma
a. Family afraid of embarrassment
b. Family blames themselves
c. Family feels inadequate to help
d. Depressives have a tendency towards introversion
e. Person afraid of disappointing their family
f. Person afraid of ridicule
g. Person afraid of job or school repercussions

What are the most common signs and symptoms of depression?

1. Sad mood
2. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed
3. Change in appetite or weight
4. difficulty sleeping or oversleeping
5. Physical slowing or agitation…

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