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Self Help Groups Observation

...... Various members read passages from "The Big Book," which is not the Bible but a big blue book called "Alcoholics Anonymous." I saw a copy on the folding table; I think Bill W. is the credited author, or one of them. The language in the passages is easy to understand and similar in many ways to Sandy's story. I make a mental note that AA meetings are filled with personal anecdote, anecdotes that are never discussed nor debated. I'm surprised there is no feedback given, no advice, no judgements. It's inspiring to witness such patience and willingness to listen. I'm curious whether or not all meetings are run this way. Are there any meetings that become vocal exchanges like "my problem is bigger than yours!" or "I've been sober two years and a day longer than you have, so I go first!"? I notice no animosity here and all speakers seem to have some sobriety under their belts. When they share their stories they become role models. Those with a burgeoning recovery do well to sit and listen and share their story without hearing admonitions about their obvious alcohol problem. Alcoholics Anonymous provides a safety net woven of people…

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