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W Edwards Deming

...... "Improve constantly and forever the process within the organization" was Deming's belief. Management should never get complacent and believe that they have completely mastered the production process and no further improvements can be made. Continuous improvements are necessary; after some time has elapsed however, the cost of improvement will have to be weighed against the return on investment. Dr. Eli Goldratt, in developing the Optimum Product Timetables (OPT) software, tried to determine the bottlenecks in the operations and methods of eliminating them. Currently, many tools such as the KANO model, the House of Quality and Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts are used to record and evaluate quality of production and services in organizations. In order to implement constant quality monitoring of quality, training on the job for the task at hand is important. The objective: "Every employee playing a significant role in the growth of the company" is required to help the company prosper. Refresher training for the entire staff at periodic intervals will make them aware of the operational changes in the market place and the changes or modifications that the organization is contemplating. This will serve as a good opportunity for the company to update the training…

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