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History of weight lifting

...... The winner is the athlete who lifts the maximum amount of weight in both lifts as collective and if two athletes lift the equal measure of weight, then the winner is the who weighs less (George, 1961). In both lifts, the athlete must wait for a signal from the judges before he can drop the bar. Countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Russia have strong background and history in weightlifting. For instance, in Greece, Christos Iakovou's "Dream Team" consists of Dimas, Kakiasvili, Leonidis, Mitrou, Hatziioannou, Spirou, Kokkas, Sabanis and Tzelilis (George, 1961)
While looking at the origin of lifting traces that goes back in the earliest of documented history where man's attraction with physical ability can be seen with several ancient writings. For instance, looking at a 5,000-year-old Chinese manuscript reveals potential that soldiers had to pass lifting tests (George, 1961)......

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